EMDR Disaster Network

I developed and manage the EMDR Disaster Network, a network of EMDR trauma therapists in the U.S. who are available to help the many first responders and healthcare workers who have been directly impacted by responding to environmental and man-made disasters.  We are reducing our fee to a maximum of 50% of of our standard fee for up to six sessions in order to help them manage the multiple stressors they have been confronted with, recover their emotional balance, and take care of themselves and their loved ones. If you are a helper who is struggling with a heavy load, I encourage you to get some help now with me or with someone else in the Network so that you can better help yourself and the others who depend on you.  As we have learned in our work over the past few decades with people living through natural and man-made disasters, it is critically important to seek help earlier rather than later when exposed to high levels of stress.  Deferring timely help often leads to persistent stress response states which can become disabling.  So, please reach out now. 

Thank you for everything you have done to be of help to others.  We look forward to serving you.